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August 4, 2021

Oprea: I’m sure military pensions won’t be cut

Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea Thursday expressed his confidence the military pensions will not be lowered, adding he felt greatly satisfied for bringing the problems of the Romanian Army to public debate. “We are steadfast, our parliamentary group of progressive independents – since the National Union for Romania’s Progress has already been established – we have supported and we will keep supporting the blanket pension law, given we are part of this government, but also the amendments thereby military pensions as a whole would not be cut down. We have worked throughout the defence, public order and national security sectors and showed that military pensions would be lowered overall by between 19 and 69 per cent,” Mediafax quoted Oprea as saying. The defence minister also stated that the Social Democratic Party spreads misinformation in Parliament, given its having an own draft law and amendments.

“I’m convinced military pensions will not go down. I feel great satisfaction that, as minister of defence, I brought to public debate the problems of the Romanian Army. National interest, the problems of the Romanian Army have not been topics for discussion lately,” Oprea said, adding all the MPs will help Romanian Army, in word at least. “All the social categories need to be respected, as they are the people who worked, who made Romania, yet, there is a social category that should be given priority, and I refer to military, who are under a contract with this country. ‘I swear to defend my country, even if this means to lose my life’, these are not empty words. These people have been for hundreds of years the pillars of this state, the army and the church. This is why they deserve to be respected, this is why we are fighting, in the good sense of the word, and I’m glad parliamentarians of all hues side with the army and want to fight for their rights,’ Gabriel Oprea concluded.

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