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March 23, 2023

Sick leaves might start being checked at home as of May 15

The new system of sick leaves that provides for home checks might come into effect on May 15, Health Minister Attila Cseke announced on Thursday. However, officials charged with the control will by no means be allowed to enter the domicile of the people they verify.

“As of May 15, we estimate we’ll start to grant sick leaves according to the new medical regulations,” the minister said, quoted by Mediafax.

Under the new rules, upon being granted the leave, the employee will give a written statement that will include the address where he will stay while on leave (which should not necessarily coincide with the address in his ID card). In the same statement, he will agree to a stop in payments if he does not observe the new conditions. The employee commits himself to staying at the given address, except for the situations covered by medical documents. The entity that pays the medical leave (employer or CNAS) may request the doctor a copy of the statement given by the beneficiary.

Subsequently, the payer’s representatives may go at the given address – accompanied by a Police officer, if needed – to check whether the beneficiary is at home or not, the minister explained, adding that “by no means will they be allowed to enter the domicile.” “The procedure will respect the inviolability of the domicile and the right to privacy. They may go into the house only based on a written agreement, signed by the people who are living there,” Attila Cseke explained. If the beneficiary is not at home, the officials will draw a report that will result in ceasing the sick leave payments.

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