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January 24, 2022

Crin Antonescu: ‘I don’t want to become president at any cost’

In an interview with ‘Jurnalul national’ daily, PNL leader Crin Antonescu discloses one of the sore spots that may prevent him from becoming president: he does not belong to Basescu or Geoana’s world, being just a pedestrian who happens to be walking through it. In addition, without parentheses or nuances, Antonescu speaks of Mircea Geoana’s failure in the presidential election, saying that the reason he lost is that people who usually decide the winner in a tight score game wanted Basescu and not him. ‘Because Mircea Geoana made very many mistakes and because, structurally, he was not Traian Basescu’s opposite. That’s clear. I am not going to discuss it’, the PNL leader further notes. About President Traian Basescu, Crin Antonescu reiterates the fact that he dominates the space ‘especially in the presence of people with a sense of guilt’. Asked why PNL and PSD did not have a joint staff in the runoff election, Antonescu gave a blunt answer: ‘We didn’t really have much to contribute’.

‘When he joined the Government, Geoana’s chances of defeating Basescu were tiny, irrespective of the final encounter. The reason I was left with a sour taste is not so much that Mircea Geoana lost the election, it is more that Mircea Geoana won in Romania’, Antonescu adds. He also expresses his sympathy for the Romanians who, ‘despite all demagogy’, were ready to have Traian Basescu replaced.

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