Local medical innovation could reduce by 10 dialysis costs

Professor Alexandru Ciocalteu, M.D., manager of the “Sfantul Ioan” Hospital in Bucharest, authored an invention which could reduce by ten the costs of dialysis, Jurnalul National daily announces, in its yesterday edition. Approximately EUR 100 M are spent daily on the 10,000 people in need of dialysis. Referring to his invention, already awarded a gold medal in the International Invention Salon of Geneva, the professor Ciocalteu says it is based on a simple idea. The invention starts from the fact that the peritoneum can act as a kidney. The new dialysis technique also greatly decreases the risk of infections, it reduces, to a minimum, blood pressure fluctuations, and the risk of heart block is also significantly diminished. “My invention will certainly disturb many of the firms which trade in dialysis and make huge profits at the moment,” the professor said, for the quoted source. Up to now he has been approached by two entrepreneurs in France and Canada, and, as far as the Romanian medical environment is concerned, has had talks with the professor Irinel Popescu. He has the copyright on this invention for six months, which can be extended to five years by paying a fee.

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