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February 1, 2023

Romanian living in Italy throws baby out of the window

A Romanian woman living in Italy has thrown her baby out of the window, immediately after birth, in the Italian region of Calabria (in the south) The infant survived the incident, La Stampa in its online edition informs. The baby sustained a head wound and is under care at a maternity in the Cosenza province. The doctors are sceptical of her chance of recovery.

The Romanian mother, aged 40, was arrested for attempted infanticide. According to the investigators, the little one fell from a height of four metres, hitting against the outer stairs of the building, and then against the ground. The neighbours heard the infant’s cries and called the police. “There was blood everywhere, on the baby’s nappies and on the ground,” the police officers said. The woman’s relatives had been at home during the incident, but had not heard anything.

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