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December 7, 2021

Senate: January 24, non-working holiday

The Senate Labour Commission Tuesday submitted a favourable report to a legislative proposal by National Liberal Party (PNL) Deputy Diana Tusa, on January 24 being declared a non-working holiday. Commission members debated both Tusa’s proposal and that of Democrat-Liberal Deputy Dan Zatreanu dealing with the same issue. They recommended Tusa’s proposal over Zatreanu’s, which was rejected on grounds on ‘legislative technicality’. Social-Democrat Laurentiu Coca said January 24 is a holiday none of the past regimes could have ignored, the more so as it marks the first step towards the December 1st Union. The commission raised the issue whether Romanians have too many non-working holidays compared to other European states. Democrat-Liberal Senator Dorel Jurcan is convinced in Romania has more non-working holidays than other European states. ‘The question is whether we need yet another non-working holiday. Still, January 24 is an extremely important date for the history of the Romanian people. I believe we have more non-working holidays than other European states. Still, since the issue is raised for Romania to increase its productivity in the future, I don’t see why not,’’ the Democrat-Liberal senator said.

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