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August 4, 2021

PNL leader demands Boc Gov’t dismissal, urges for technocrat Gov’t, snap elections

Antonescu rules out joining forces with the ruling party.

PNL is asking for the resignation or dismissal of the Boc Government, for the Premier to be replaced with an independent economist as well as for limiting the Government to 7-8 Ministries led by technocrats, Liberal leader Crin Antonescu stated.

PNL President Crin Antonescu ruled out yesterday any form of governmental cohabitation with PDL, despite the emergence of Democrat-Liberal voices that back such a hypothesis. In return he proposes snap elections. Antonescu claimed that the Boc Government has to pay for its intention to hike taxes and for lying when presenting that as an IMF demand by resigning and not by resorting to reshuffling. Otherwise the Liberals threaten with initiating a censure motion but only after reaching an agreement with the rest of the Parliamentary parties willing to back such an initiative, Antonescu added. ‘The Boc Government has to resign or the President should dismiss it through the means he found to install it. The IMF mission realized Emil Boc is not a credible partner. Today the IMF representative stated loud and clear that the IMF is not the one that forces Romania to raise the VAT and hike the taxes,’ Crin Antonescu stated when referring to the issue of raising the VAT and other taxes, a decision that the members of the Boc Government initially blamed on the IMF demands. The Liberal leader claimed that the solution is not a Government reshuffle, which he considers a ‘patch up,’ but the resignation of the whole Government. Antonescu however rejected any possibility of collaborating with PDL in order to form a new Government.

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