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May 18, 2021

FORT announces 15-minute work stoppage

The passenger’s motor carriers will cease operating today, for fifteen minutes, 2:00 pm through 2:15 pm, calling on Government to extend route authorizations and offset the arrears the state owes to operators; otherwise they will take their protest to Bucharest too, Mediafax reports. The 15-minute stoppage will apply to motor and bus depots and along routes as well. ‘The motor carriers with FORT are very concerned about the nationalization phenomenon which starts engulfing Romania, as local and county councils defy absolutely any rule, applying ‘state-within-the state-type’ measures, subduing businesses that have been operating for the past 20 years, and which, this way get into the hands of local and county ‘barons’, according to a release by the Motor Carriers Federation (FORT), according to which Friday’s action is a ‘last warning to government’, only to resort to massive later protests in the Capital, ‘with or without authorization from the City Hall, unless their demands are met.

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