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October 7, 2022

INS: New orders and turnover in industry, up in Q1

New orders in industry – domestic and foreign markets included – soared by 18.9 pc in Q1 against a year ago, in nominal figures, the National Statistics Institute (INS) announced. The evolution was due to increases in branches manufacturing intermediary goods, capital goods and durables. In March, new orders across the industry rose by 28.6 pc year-on-year, based on increases in all sectors. Against the previous month, new orders in industry went up by 20.2 pc, with increases reported by all sectors: durables (+27.3 pc), intermediary goods (+26.2 pc), capital goods (+18.2 pc) and consumer goods (+11.8 pc).

According to INS, the industrial turnover (local and foreign markets included) gained 22.8 pc in March, in nominal terms, against the previous month, taking the first quarter’s growth to 5.9 pc against a year ago – an evolution mainly driven by the processing industry. Against February, the turnover of the processing industry rose in March by 24 pc, while the extractive industry gained only 2.4 pc. Compared to a year ago, industrial turnover in March 2010 soared by 6.9 pc, mainly due to the processing industry (+8.2 pc), while the extractive industry saw its turnover go down 15.2 pc. The industrial branches that reported turnover increases were the energy sector, capital goods, intermediary goods and durables. The consumer goods industry experienced a decline of 0.7 pc.

Final electricity consumption increased by 3 pc in the first quarter of the year, up to 13.2 bln KWh, while energy resources dropped by 3.4 pc against a year ago, to 15.78 bln KWh.

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