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March 21, 2023

Number of Romanian beggars alerts northern Europe authorities

European countries have started taking measures against Romanian beggars, Adevarul writes in its online issue. Several countries such as France, Spain, Finland and Austria have started expelling procedures for Romanian citizens who are caught asking for money or begging for food.

Highly irritated by a large number of Romanian beggars taking over the city of Salzburg, local authorities have initiated a large scale operation that has resulted so far in expatriating 30 people.

Local media quoted by Adevarul daily says most of the beggars were living in tents put up in central Salzburg parks, among them were young men with disabilities, old men and mothers with infants, the whole lot meant to raise sympathy and bring about cash. Salzburg media also quoted the mayor of Salzburg, Harry Preuner as saying “these people do look for sympathy, but helping them would mean supplying all sorts of mobsters, because the cash does not get to the beggar.” Also, almost 100 Romanian beggars were expelled yesterday from a Pas-de-Calais camp in northern France; local media says they were living there without any modern facilities, water or power. The local mayor was also quoted as saying “these people have no will to integrate, they like living out of exploiting their own children and wives.”

Adevarul also informs beggars have recently displayed a tendency to move towards the northern half of the continent, in countries such as Norway, where they have become more aggressive towards citizens. Norway authorities say the number of Romanian beggars tends to increase during the summer. In Finland, the Helsinki Minister of Interior has filed a motion to make begging illegal throughout the country. Sweden authorities have also expressed their worries regarding an unprecedented increase in beggars coming from south-eastern Europe; recently Stockholm envoys of these countries were asked for explanation. The Romanian Embassy in Stockholm has reportedly ensured its full support in fixing the situation.

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