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May 18, 2022

Amelia Antoniu discharged from hospital

Amelia Antoniu, first-soloist at the Bucharest Operetta Theatre, was discharged from hospital yesterday, her condition obviously improved, yet, she needs to take a vocal rest and return for check-up. ‘The patient’s condition is good, she is not on antibiotics anymore, but will return for weekly checkups,’ Mediafax quoted University Emergency Hospital spokesman Dr. Bogdan Popescu as saying, adding she was recommended to take a vocal rest.Amelia Antoniu was admitted to the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest on April 20. The first-soloist of the ‘Ion Dacian’ Operetta Theatre entered a septic chock following some minor surgery undergone at CF2 Hospital.

On the same day, another female patient entered septic shock after surgery also performed at the CF2 Hospital. Amelia Antoniu had been admitted to CF2 for a cervical cauterization, and the other patient, Alice Roxana Preda, for tracheloplasty. The latter was 14 weeks pregnant. She is still in a coma in the hospital’s ICU.

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