Government looking for expertise to prevent laws being challenged in Court

The members of the government do not know yet how exactly they would promote and adopt the normative acts required in order to implement the austerity measures announced by President Traian Basescu, government sources told HotNews.ro. ‘A number of laws will need to be changed and this is why we will be working with an army of lawyers. The new normative acts must be designed in such a way that they stand in the Constitutional Court. It is a painstaking labour, therefore I don’t believe they can be completed this week’, sources said. A decision may be made at the next cabinet meeting on the means of preparing the new normative acts. The disclosures have been backed by PM’s adviser Andreea Vass: ‘We need legal expertise in order to prevent the laws from being challenged in the Constitutional Court’. The Executive will need to amend a number of important acts such as the blanket wage law, the collective bargaining agreement law, the pension and social welfare law.

On the other hand, sources having participated in Sunday’s talks between President Basescu and the unions say the government has done some simulations which suggested that it may still have to pay possible court awarded salary rights even 20 years from now.

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