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July 27, 2021


Taekwondo: Romanians win European medals

Sorin Miron and Nicola Pricop, enrolled at the Kwang-Gae Sports Club in Iasi, have returned from the Taekwon-Do ITF European Championships where they won several medals. 476 athletes from 31 countries took part in this year’s edition of the European Championships that took place from April 29 to May 2 in Skovde locality, Sweden. Romania finished on 9th place having won 2 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 6 Bronze medals.

Basketball coach dead at 55

Mircea Albu, the head coach of men’s basketball team CSS Bega Timisoara, died on Sunday after his team qualified for the semifinals of the final national tournament after defeating CSS 4 Bucharest. ‘It is shocking news, a man died at only 55 years of age, 30 of which he spent in the world of basketball. We also have to think about the price of so much work and passion for a sport,’ Carmen Tocala, president of the Romanian Basketball Federation, stated for Mediafax. According to the doctors, the head coach allegedly died of a heart attack.

Fencing: Victory in Istanbul

Romanian fencer Loredana Iordachioiu has won the sabre tournament in Istanbul after defeating Turkey’s Reha Dogan in the final, score 15-8. In the quarterfinals Iordachioiu defeated Turkey’s Aslihan Kazabas (15-0) and in the semifinals she defeated Romania’s Oana Puiu (15-8). Romanian fencers Daniel Nica and Alin Sbarcia finished the tournament on third position after losing in the semifinals. Nica lost to Bulgaria’s Kiril Marinov (8-15), while Sbarcia lost to Greece’s Alexandros Kontogiannis (10-15).

Tennis: Liana Ungur wins tournament in Florence

Romanian tennis player Liana Gabriela Ungur has won the tournament in Florence after defeating Belarus’s Polina Pehova, score 6-3, 7-5. The tournament had total prizes worth USD 25,000. Both players reached the main table after playing in the qualifiers. Liana defeated Italy’s Anna-Giulia Remondina in the semifinals, 7-6 (4), 6-1.

Chess: Tie in world title game

India’s Viswanathan Anand, the world’s current chess champion, and Bulgaria’s Veselin Topalov finished their 11th match on Sunday in a draw after 65 moves. The two are in a tie when it comes to the overall score too, 5.5-5.5. According to the game’s official website, the final match is scheduled on Tuesday. In case the two are still in a tie there will be extra matches.

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Over 30 kilos of cannabis, found in Bihor County

Prosecutors from the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) recently seized over 30 kilos of cannabis, which were found in a building in Batar (Bihor), owned by a Belgian. According to DIICOT, on May 7, a house search was organized in Batar Township, Bihor County, in a building owned by a Belgian citizen, aged 37. In the 30 rooms of the building, arranged and equipped ad-hoc for the cultivation of cannabis, the investigators found pots, boxes with flexible tubes for aeration, power converters, fans, water-proof foil, light reflecting devices, fertilisers for cannabis, high-power fluorescent lamps, wide-scale air filters, a special set to measure humidity, ph and temperature, and other types of equipment associated with the cultivation of cannabis. The Belgian is, currently, in custody at a hospital in Oradea, under medical supervision, and charges against him are yet to be drawn.

Almost four million
cigarettes seized
in three days

Almost four million cigarettes were seized in four days by police officers, gendarmes, border police officers and fiscal inspectors, who applied fines of almost RON 2 M. In actions organised between May 7 and 9, control teams verified over 1,500 firms in the tobacco trade sector, conducted 50 house searches and over 650 traffic controls, is stated in a Monday release from the Romanian police. Investigators seized almost four million cigarettes, almost 3.9 million of which are foreign brands, and damages brought are estimated at almost RON 1.4 M. Police officers opened 77 criminal cases, of which 21 contain charges of smuggling, 38 – tax evasion and 18 – other related crimes, in which 134 people are under investigation.

Silviu Ionescu charged with trying to influence witnesses of Singapore accident

The Sector 5 Court motivated its decision to preventively arrest, for 29 days, Romania’s former charge d’affaires to Singapore, Silviu Ionescu, by the fact that he had tried to influence the woman accompanying him before the accidents into changing her testimony and asked his driver to modify the log of the Embassy car. The judge who analyzed the case said there were clues suggesting that Silviu Ionescu had committed the acts he is charged with, that is, accidental killing, leaving the crime scene and false testimony. Ionescu is charged with committing, in December 2009, two car accidents which resulted in the death of a person. According to the motivation given by the Court yesterday, Ionescu tried to influence the investigation, by asking his driver, Marius Treasca, to modify the logs of the car of the Romanian Embassy to Singapore. Moreover, Silviu Ionescu tried to persuade the witness Jeong Ae Ree, who “was accompanying the accused on that particular evening” and whom he drove home at about 3:00, that he had not had any alcoholic drinks. In the judge’s view, these actions suggest that allowing Silviu Ionescu to remain free would constitute a risk to public order. “Thus, after producing an accident in which two pedestrians, who were crossing the street, where they were entitled to (at the zebra crossing, while the traffic lights signalled green for pedestrians), were injured, the defendant did not stop and, at the next juncture, injured another person, in similar conditions,” is stated in the quoted document.

Silviu Ionescu filed an appeal to the sentence of preventive arrest given the night of Friday to Saturday by the Bucharest Court of Law. The appeal will be judged on Thursday.

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Romania, last but one in EU economic performance ranking

Romania and Bulgaria are the states with the least competitive economies in the EU. The study was published yesterday by the World Economic Forum, Realitatea.net informs. The most efficient economy in Europe remains the Swedish one. The new study took into account indicators such as economic growth and productivity, unemployment and research expenses. By these criteria, Romania is the second least efficient economy in the EU, only surpassing Bulgaria. Moreover, the third position at the bottom of the scale is claimed by Italy. The fourth goes to Italy, and the fifth to Greece. Countries which seek to join the EU, such as Croatia or Montenegro, have better yields than the aforementioned laggards. According to the study, the most competitive economies in the Union are Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.

Romgaz asks ANRE to hike gas tariffs by 5 pc

Romgaz Medias has asked the National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE) to hike by approximately 5 per cent the regulated storage prices for natural gas for the winter of 2010-2011, Lucian Stancu, general deputy director of Romgaz Medias, stated yesterday for Mediafax. When contacted the ANRE representatives stated that for the time being they have taken no decision and that they are waiting for a series of supplementary documents from Romgaz. The regulated storage price’s share in the final price paid by consumers is lower than 5 per cent. Romgaz has a storage capacity of 2.8 billion cubic meters, representing almost 20 per cent of the quantity of natural gas sold at national level each year. On April 15 the President of ANRE issued two orders for Romgaz and Depomures, a company controlled by France’s GDF SUEZ since 2007, concerning the extension of the previously established storage prices. ‘The extension is valid until the analysis of the documents filed by the operators is completed. According to the legislation, ANRE sets the storage prices after analyzing all data offered by the operators but not all of the requested information had been received when the initial order expired,’ the ANRE representatives pointed out. Thus, in what concerns the two companies ANRE decided to maintain the storage prices set for the winter of 2009-2010 pending analysis completion.

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Trade deficit reports less steep decline in Q1

Trade deficit rose in March, for the first time in a year and five months, and its decrease rate was tamed from 35 pc in the first two months of 2010 to 13.9 pc in the first quarter, amounting to EUR 1.92 bln, according to data supplied by INS. Trade deficit rose in March by 28 pc, at EUR 856.6 M. The last time trade deficit reported a rise was in September 2008, when it rose by approximately 52 pc compared to the same interval of 2007. In RON, Romania’s trade deficit slumped in the first quarter by 16.23 pc, at RON 7.92 bln, but it rose by 22.3 pc in March, at RON 3.5 bln. The chief economist of ING, Nicolae Chidesciuc, argued that a first reason to account for the growth of trade deficit in March was Easter, celebrated at the beginning of April, which boosted March imports. Exports in the first quarter amounted to RON 32.47 bln (EUR 7.88 bln), while imports amounted to RON 40.4 bln (EUR 9.8 bln).

Unemployment rate ebbed at 8.07 pc in April

The number of unemployed ebbed in April at 27,098, pushing the unemployment rate from 8.36 to 8.07 per cent for this month, the National Agency for the Employment of Labour Force (ANOFM) announced, yesterday. The unemployment rate ebbed slightly in April, after having risen for 20 months consecutively. According to data from ANOFM, 738,187 unemployed persons were reported in April, compared to 765,285 for the preceding month. “The unemployment rate reported for April was of 8.07 per cent, compared to 8.36 pc in March 2010 and 5.7 pc in the same month of 2009. The total amount of unemployed persons in the records of county employment agencies was of 738,187 persons, out of whom 305,670 were women,” ANOFM informs in a release. The counties with the highest unemployment rate are Vaslui (14.09 pc), Mehedinti (13.46 pc), Teleorman (12.93 pc), followed by Dolj, Ialomita, Alba, Covasna, Galati, Gorj, Hunedoara a.o. The lowest unemployment rates, below the national ratio, were reported in Bucharest and in counties Ilfov, Timis, Satu Mare, Bihor, Maramures, Cluj, Arad, Constanta, Botosani, Sibiu and Vrancea.

Number of Enel home consumers up to 1.065 M

The number of home consumers of Enel Energie Muntenia rose 1 per cent to 1.065 M in the first quarter against late last year, while the number of companies plugged to its networks fell 4.8 per cent, to 62,000. “During the first three months of the year, the number of consumers charged low voltage tariffs, which is much higher than their medium and high voltage counterparts, increased, and those associated with medium and high voltage tariffs fell, which called for the value of electrical power distribution contracts to go up,” Enel Romania announced yesterday, when questioned by Mediafax. This reason and the electricity consumption growing higher during winter and summer, prompted the company to raise the amounts of home consumption-specific electricity delivered through its low voltage networks.

Sealynx Romania to infuse EUR 10 M and hire up to 200 people

The Romanian subsidiary of Sealynx, a French manufacturer of rubber window seals for cars, will pour EUR 10 M into expanding its output capacity and will employ 150 to 200 people given the company is about to sign a EUR 100 M deal. ‘About 80 per cent of the investment will go into equipment and the remainder will be spent on training future employees,’ the company’s General Manager, Luminita Sambotin, said, adding, this year Sealynx will sign a contract worth roughly EUR 100 M. For now, the production unit at Darmanesti – Piscani, Arges County, has a workforce of 250. The Sealynx official mentioned Ford has recently audited the company towards a potential contract, yet no decision has been reached as of yet. Automobile Dacia is one of Sealynx long-time customers. Sealynx develops designs and manufacturers sealing systems for the auto industry and owns production plants in five countries – Russia, Tunis, Morocco, France and Romania.

New country sales manager at Ardaf

Ardaf’s deputy sales manager Nicolae Scripcariu was promoted as country sales manager of the insurance company – a position that implies coordinating the whole sales team of about 7,000 agents and consolidating the relation with brokers, the company writes in a press release. Scripcariu is with Ardaf since November 2009. Previously, he worked with Citibank Romania (1996-2000) and Wella Romania (1994-1996), on management positions. Scripcariu graduated from the faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute in 1993. Ardaf entered activity in 1993 and is indirectly controlled by Generali PPF Holding, via Iberian Structured Investments (Holland). In 2009, incomes obtained by the insurer from subscriptions dropped by 8 pc, to RON 327 M. Ardaf is still in the red, but halved its losses from RON 185 M to RON 90.5 M.

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