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December 1, 2021

Transport minister: We only have enough money to pay our debt to Bechtel

Transport Minister Radu Berceanu stated yesterday that the Romanian state will soon pay its debt to Bechtel, Agerpres informs. However he pointed out that no other funds are available for other works that the American construction company is doing on the Transylvania Highway. Berceanu added that the debt can be paid off in two weeks’ time if he succeeds in doing “a certain thing.”

On April 23, Bechtel announced that it will continue its construction works on the Campia Turzii – Turda section with 710 of its 1,900 employees, with the remaining 1,200 set to be sacked. “We are making efforts to keep as many workers as possible in Cluj and we hope that in following days we will have more details in what concerns the funds for this year’s works. Currently we have saved 1,200 jobs that are needed in order to have a fairly ambitious work plan. We hope that the upcoming funds will allow us to save these jobs,” Bogdan Sgarcitu, Bechtel’s PR director, stated back then after a meeting he had with county authorities. He added that in the context of a proper financing it is possible for Bechtel to work on three work sites this year. “We even hope to work on three work sites, namely on the Campia Turzii – Turda section, to start the Gilau – Nadaselu section and to continue our work on section 3C in Bihor; but everything depends on financing,” Sgarcitu added.

On April 22, Bechtel started to sack 710 of the 1,900 employees it has in Romania. In February Bechtel announced that it plans to sack all of its employees but after a meeting with Premier Emil Boc it decided to sack only 700. The meeting that Minister Berceanu had yesterday with County authorities was attended by Alin Tise, President of the Cluj County Council, and Ion Pantelimon, director of the Cluj Administration for Roads and Bridges. Berceanu added that the Valcele – Apahida sector of Cluj-Napoca’s beltway will open to traffic this summer.

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