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March 31, 2023

Teachers go on general strike on May 31

Next week several unions will put up protests. Pensioners were out on the street yesterday in Bucharest and several cities. Government sets new taxes and expense cut plans.

Education union leaders decided that, as of today, teachers will no longer grade down their students, and as of May 31, a general strike will endanger the end of the school year.

Education Minister Daniel Funeriu has invited teachers’ unions to talks starting today and urged teaching staff not to act upon unions’ call for protest actions, so school year would not be disturbed.

Students too picketed for the third day in a row the Education Ministry headquarters, with delegates of the National Union of Students in Romania (UNSR) announcing they asked the Bucharest City Hall to authorize protests carrying on into next week.

Pensioners, too protested in various cities throughout the country and in Bucharest, trying to force their way into Cotroceni Palace and in prefect’s offices. They asked for President Basescu’s resigantion.

As a response to the general mood generated by measures announced by the head of state and applied by the Government, PSD also asked yesterday a national petition on discharging from office the Head of State and the Prime Minister.

In yesterday’s session meanwhile, the government put forth additional measures to cut expenses and discussed the enforcement of new taxes to bring more money to the state budget, among which 25 per cent pay cut to state run company employees, 20 per cent reduction of the ministries’ expenses, higher taxes for real estate owners, royalty contracts, maternity benefit reduction and an emergency plan to combat tax evasion.

According to several ministers, including Interior Minister Vasile Blaga and Economy Minister Adriean Videanu, the government might choose to face a confidence vote in Parliament over the measures.

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