Romanian Patriarchy: Build more churches to overcome crisis

The Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) considers that the current financial-economic crisis is the result “of a profound spiritual and moral crisis that can be overcome by stepping up faith, prayer and cooperation in order to build churches that gather the people together, teaching them to respect and mutually help each other,” according to a press release carried Mediafax. All the churches that are in various stages of completion and those that are about to be built should be finished even at a slower pace although Romania faces a severe economic-financial crisis, the Patriarchy considers, thus answering suggestions that the construction works should be stopped.

According to BOR representatives, to stop the works that have already started would mean not only stopping an activity with the purpose of saving money but also “an acknowledgement of failing” to finish something that had a good and hopeful start. According to a 2002 census, BOR has 18.8 million followers, namely 85 per cent of Romania’s population. According to a study conducted by ‘Business Standard,’ BOR’s annual income allegedly stands at approximately EUR 90 M and its fortune allegedly surpasses EUR 3 bln. Construction works on the National Salvation Cathedral are scheduled to start in August this year according to the timetable established by the Patriarchy’s Administration. The construction works will last almost four years and will cost an estimated EUR 400 M.

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