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September 20, 2021

Voicu built tomb over hero general’s family graves

Catalin Voicu had his tomb built over the graves of the family of a general, who was also a hero of the Romanian War of Independence, ‘Adevarul’ daily newspaper disclosed. ‘A life dedicated to the Romanian state’, this is what the epitaph on the tomb erected by this corruption-charged senator reads. Voicu erected, without the necessary approvals, an imposing funeral monument on the ‘Iulia Hasdeu’ Alley in Bucharest’s Bellu Cemetery, declared a historic monument in 2004. The tomb was built over the graves of the family of late General Nicolescu Argesanu, who was decorated for his bravery in the Romanian War of Independence in 1877, which means, Voicu destroyed a historic monument.

The descendants of the late hero general say two of the coffins in the old crypt were thrown into a dump site in order to make room for Voicu’s family members. At the time the two graves were allegedly desecrated, the cemetery was run by Radu Dumitru, Voicu’s fellow party member. The former administrator however has no recollection about any existing bone fragments in the said ground. Separately, the High Court yesterday began debating a new application tendered by Voicu, aimed at having the preventive arrest measure against him revoked. Voicu, who has been under arrest as of late March, claims he too needs equal and fair treatment, as the other three defendants who are tried while free. Yet, the representative of the National Anti-corruption Department in court insisted that Senator Voicu’s release might lead to witness tampering and could be an obstacle to truth being found and during the stage of the judicial investigation.

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