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May 25, 2022

Week of massive protests kicks off nationwide

Unionists will attempt to convince government to revise the tough austerity measures today at a meeting of the Economic and Social Council (CES). Cabinet has only six weeks to implement the measures announced, Romania’s representative to IMF says, otherwise, tax hikes likely.

Unions are getting ready for the biggest industrial action yet, called for Wednesday, when some 40,000 people will protest in Bucharest against the government decision to cut public wages and pensions.

Mothers will gather today in front of the Labour Ministry to protest against the cabinet intention of cutting childcare leave pay.

Last week, President Basescu said cutting public expenses might not be enough to reduce the budget deficit, and other tough measures might follow.

Despite massive criticism against the cabinet, the head of state claims PM doesn’t have to step down. However if the austerity measures fail, the government will have to take responsibility.

Opposition parties voiced determination to file a no-confidence vote if government moves ahead with its plans. They accuse the president of lying and of trying to antagonise and divide social categories.

Both Social Dems and Liberals turned down Basescu’s accusations of trying to stir up social unrest with the help of unions.

Pressed by the public opinion, the cabinet passed in urgent procedure, several ordinances on fighting tax evasion on Saturday.

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