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December 8, 2022

Record number of robberies over the weekend

Within no more than 14 hours, unidentified individuals committed five robberies in the cities of Timisoara, Constanta, Arad and Iasi, taking advantage of victims’ gullibility and security flaws. The first hold up happed Thursday, right after midnight, at a pharmacy opened non-stop in central Timisoara. The robber, his identity still unknown, entered the store, sprayed some tear gas, then stole the mobile phone of the pharmacist sales woman and the sales money that evening, about 100 RON in all, and fled the scene.

Constanta County was the scene of two robberies. The first happened at a games parlour at the ground store of an apartment building in Mangalia, shortly after midnight, when two hooded men demanded that the cashier gave them the day’s proceeds, 11,000 RON.

The cash register person said he got scarred when seeing one of the robbers had a gun tucked in his waist, so he handed the money even before he would have summoned him to, yet he still pressed the panic button. Despite security guards arriving at the scene in less than two minutes, the robbers had vanished already. Three hours later, two hooded persons got into a gas station on DN 39, in the village of Lazu, Agigea commune, and threatened the cash register woman at gun point, a toy gun actually, and fled the scene with 500 RON. The Village Hall in Baltati, Iasi County was broke into at around 3.00 am, with heat subsidy money, 30,000 RON being stolen. The thieves knocked at the building door, claiming they were police officers. The 50-year old guard on premises took it for granted and opened the door, only to be sprayed into the eyes and tied to a chair. ‘They broke the safe lock and stole 30,000 RON. The suspects were unarmed and did not have their faces covered,’ Deputy Inspector Virginia Pralea, spokeswoman for the Iasi County Police, said. The last robbery took place in Arad, Saturday afternoon, at around 2.00 pm, when, according to Mediafax, two hooded men entered a bank, threatened the cashier then ran with the money she herself gave them, Arad Police Spokeswoman Camelia Tuduce said.

Speaking of the robberies lately, Romanian Police officials say they were due to security flaws. The Romanian Police chief ordered evaluation reports from county police offices on potential risk areas towards concrete law enforcement measures being taken. The security flaws found included access security breaches and inefficient alarm systems.

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