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September 25, 2022

Brukenthal Museum on the verge of closing

The Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu risks being closed to the public because of understaffing. The director of the institution, Sabin Luca, says that during the past month only, after the employees found out their wages would be cut by 25 per cent, he received a resignation a day. The museum employees say wages in the cultural domain have always been low, and that yet another cut would seriously affect their financial situation. The younger of them quit and started looking for other jobs, while others fear they will be unable to find another job at their age. According to Realitatea.net, the director says almost 30 employees quit during the past months, both museum attendants and maintenance staff. If the number of employees continues to drop, the director is considering closing the exhibitions. “We will be forced to close the collections to the public, because we will be unable to ensure the minimal security conditions as more and more people are leaving,” Sabin Luca said.

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