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October 22, 2021

Possibly no beaches left in Romania 22 years from now

Studies suggest a total of 2,400 hectares of beach have disappeared in the last 35 years and that, in the absence of instant action, Romania will be left with very little shoreline, Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely is quoted as saying by ‘Romania libera’ daily. ‘We are going considerably behind in respect of consolidating the coastline, although funding has been available ever since 2007. At the end of April, I signed an order for a funding application in preparation of the investment project. The allocation for this particular area of intervention is EUR 134 M,’ the minister told a press conference. Specialists say some protection works done so far have successfully stabilised the shoreline, but a considerable portion is still being subject to intense battering by the sea. In only ten years, the beach in front of the Eforie International Summer Camp has retracted a total of 40 metres, the Neptun beach has lost 24 metres to the sea at its northern end and the Venus-Saturn sand strip is 36 metres narrower. Specialists expect coastal erosion along the Romanian shoreline to remain at least as active on a medium term as it has been in the last two decades, subject to global climate changes, general sea level rise and regional geo-ecological conditions.

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