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May 18, 2021

Romania drains one of its richest natural resources

The state loses dozens of millions of euros every year from asking teensy rents for its hunting grounds. ‘Romania libera’ daily yesterday disclosed the amount going into the state budget for Romania’s 2,100 hunting grounds is a little over half a million euros. Most of the hunting grounds – three quarters, to be more specific – were awarded directly for inappreciable amounts equalling what keepers charge hunters for being allowed to shoot a single animal: EUR 0.03/hectare.

By comparison, the hunting market in Hungary, a smaller country than Romania, is valued at EUR 56 M. The same source says there are no reasons to hope things will get any better in the years to come as the authorities have not been too keen to amend the law and existing agreement will therefore be automatically renewed in the course of this year. Those who benefit the most from the current situation are the General Association of Sporting Hunters and Fishermen and its county branches managing almost 60 per cent of the hunting grounds for which they pay some EUR 200,000 to the state. Approximately 850 hunting grounds were directly offered to these associations to be used ten years ago and 350 more standing on 12 M hectares were awarded by auction. The total area of hunting grounds in Romania is of approximately 22 M hectares.

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