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January 18, 2022

Gov’t assumes responsibility for austerity measures

Tens of thousands protest in Bucharest. The ultimate demand: The Government must go! The five trade unions confederations threaten with general strike on May 31.

PM Emil Boc announced, in yesterday’s Cabinet meeting that the Government means to take responsibility before Parliament for cutting budget expenditures measures.

State secretaries are facing forced resignation, unless they donate incomes from administration boards in state companies.

“Without interrupting the dialogue with trade unions and patronages, we will move on to decision-making,” Boc said, claiming the Executive means to hedge the budget deficit without raising taxes.

PNL and PSD leaders announced that, should Cabinet members take cutting measures upon themselves, a no-confidence vote will be filed.

Tens of thousands of trade unionists gathered yesterday in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square, for the biggest meeting of protest against the acting government so far.

According to sources with the trade unions, over 40,000 people attended the rally in front of the Government headquarters, though sources with the Gendarmerie said there were only 20,000 participants.

Street protests also sparked in other places throughout Romania. Hundreds of Jiu Valley inhabitants, including representatives of retirees, miners, students, doctors and teachers gathered in Lupeni and Petrosani, asking the government to resign.

The most vehement demand was for the acting Cabinet to resign, starting with Premier Emil Boc.

The unionists threatened they will go on general strike on May 31.

Seven protesters had to be rushed to the Floreasca Emergency Hospital, while 22 more received on the spot medical care.

PDL member Marcel Hoara, who had come to attend the meeting in Victoriei Square, was verbally assaulted and then chased by several dozens of participants.

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