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October 24, 2021

Auto industry moves ahead of fuel market

The drastic measures taken by government as result of IMF negotiations will reduce fuel demand by 10 per cent in 2010, OMV officials announce.

Although, originally, fuel market players estimated a market rebound in the second half of 2010, they now have to revise their data down.

‘We have noticed a retail fuel market contraction of 10-12 per cent during the first three months of this year. Given government’s ongoing measures, we don’t expect a market rebound by year’s end, despite our initial estimates this would happen even as of the second half of this year, Rainer Schlang, OMV Petrom Directorship member in charge of marketing operations, told yesterday’s press conference occasioned by the inauguration of a transporters-aimed OMV Euro Truck petrol station on A1. He also predicted the retail market would go down 10 per cent throughout 2010. He mentioned the European transport market returned to the situation two years ago, and rose 6 per cent, The growth curve has been interrupted yet expected to return with economic relaunch, the OMV Petrom official also said. Meanwhile, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has announced that the Romanian market advanced five slots, from 23rd to 18th, in the EU in April in terms of new car matriculations, from 4,027 in March to 8,875 in April. Last year, Romanian fuel market totalled 5.62 M tonnes, of which 71 per cent, 4.07 tonnes, diesel oil, OMV official said, quoting data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). According to Titus Olteanu, OMV Group Sales director, the turnover for the commercial road transport segment in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia comes to EUR 2 bln in the first quarter of this year, up 7 per cent from the entire 2009.

EUR 5 m injected into PetromV rebranding, EUR 1 M spent on OMV Euro Truck

OMV Petrom will inject EUR 5 M in rebranding the 124 PetromV petrol stations into either Petrom or OMV stations by the end of the year, with the group giving up on the PetromV brand, according to Rainer Schlang, who added that by the end of the year, the company is set to have 150 premium petrol stations in Romania under the Petrom brand. The Austria-based OMV Group opened yesterday the first two ‘OMV Euro Truck’ petrol stations in which nearly EUR 1 M has been invested, according to Steen Frederiksen, Head of OMV’S Commercial Road Transport Business, who also said OMV is going to open one or two more such stations this year, and six more, the next. OMV is operating 18 OMV Euro Truck petrol stations across Europe and aims to have 45 units in 2012 throughout the countries where it operates. With 51.01 per cent shares held, Austrian petrol and gas group OMV holds majority control in OMV Petrom. The Romanian state, through the Economy Ministry, holds 20.6 per cent of the OMV Petrom shares, and Proprietatea Fund, 20.1 per cent respectively.

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