Developing relations with Argentina – one of our main priorities

“On May 25, Argentina celebrated 200 years since the revolution which opened the road towards Independence. This celebration adds a special dimension to the anniversary of 130 years since the first Romania-Argentina official contacts.

This special moment gives me a particular occasion to share some reflections on Romanian-Argentinean bilateral relations.

In the political-diplomatic dimension, the first official bilateral contact is related to the notification by Romania of its new international statute as an independent and sovereign state, in 1880. The following year marked the establishment of consular relations between the two countries. In order to conclude a trade agreement, a series of bilateral contacts began. During the 1930s, discussions have been conducted between the Minister Plenipotentiary of Romania in Buenos Aires, Alexander Buzdugan and the Argentinean Foreign Minister Carlos Saavedra Lamas, resulting in the signature on August 14, 1936, of the first Romanian-Argentine Trade Treaty. In the same year, Argentinean Foreign Minister Carlos Saavedra Lamas was elected President of the Assembly of the League of Nations and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, a premiere in Latin America.

On December 8, 1930, the Honorary Consulate General of Argentina in Bucharest notified the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that “the Argentine Government, seeking to tighten the bonds of friendship and sympathy between the two countries decided to create a legation in Bucharest”. In this respect, approval was sought for the appointment of Ricardo Olivera, as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the Republic of Argentina in Bucharest. This being granted, the Argentine diplomat arrived in Bucharest and presented his credentials on April 24, 1931. In his speech, he expressed great satisfaction for “the inauguration of diplomatic relations between our two nations”.

Relations between our countries have developed since then. Argentina signed the Framework Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation with the EU, which came into effect in 1990, thus becoming the first Latin American state that formalised relations with the European Union. On January 1, 2007, Romania became a European Union member.

Today, developing our relations with Argentina represents one of our main priorities. Despite the distance between our countries, we have close linguistic, cultural and historical ties, we share values and interests which represent an important bridge between our countries. Only by working together as nations can we make progress in tackling present and future challenges, such as climate change, global economics, security issues. Also, Romania and Argentina are both active in promoting the role of the UN and in supporting the reform process of the world organisation.

I look forward to be in Buenos Aires, this week. It will represent a great opportunity to deepen our cooperation in the main fields of the bilateral agenda, but also for sharing our experiences and exchanging ideas.

My best thoughts are going to the Argentinean people, to whom I convey my very sincere congratulations on Bicentenario, together with best wishes of peace and prosperity.”

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