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May 6, 2021

Probe in Oradea food poisoning

Bihor Sanitary-Veterinary and Food Safety Department (DSVSA) has opened an official inquiry into the food poisoning case reported in Oradea, where a five-year old died and ten other people ended up in hospital. Bihor DSVSA head Dr. Mircea Gelu Budau says the 11 people presented to hospital with food poisoning symptoms after eating home-baked cake on Friday. ‘Bihor DSVSA traced the origin of the raw materials used in the preparation of the suspected ingredients and withdrew 33 eggs out of a total of 57 brought by a private producer to Oradea on May 18,’ Budau says.

The mother of the little girl who died from food poisoning Tuesday morning has asked the Health Ministry to investigate the Pneumo-phthisiology Hospital in the city, accusing the medical staff of not acting in a timely manner and of administering the wrong therapy to her five-year old daughter. The mother, Delia Scorte, also in hospital with food poisoning, told the Mediafax reporter that the girl had made an almost full recovery when her condition deteriorated suddenly Sunday evening. ‘She started shivering badly. I ran out to call the doctors but I couldn’t get anyone for 20 minutes. A nurse came eventually. My daughter had a fever of 42 degrees and it would not drop. She was no longer responding, we waited for her temperature to go down for there hours, but it never happened. Only then did they call the ambulance and moved her to the children’s hospital (the ‘Gavril Curteanu’ Municipal Hospital – our note)’, the woman explained. The doctors admitted the comatose patient to the intensive care ward, but they could not save her life.

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