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March 29, 2023

That’s enough!

The Basescu regime is throwing political bankruptcy upon the entire population’s shoulders – those who are now working as well as those who worked in the past. The laws euphemistically described as serving to rebalance the budget, and measures in the pension sector have one single clear purpose: murder the Romanians!

The salary and pension cuts are following the guillotine principle: cut the head, and the dead man no longer needs anything at all! I heard the Premier – reduced by nature to the size of austerity – mention an endless succession of figures, while he did not forget to repeatedly cast the blame for today’s misfortunes upon Tariceanu’s Liberal governance of 2007-2008.

Basescu, who also assumed the position of economy theorist, tried to give a savvy explanation about the nature of the trouble he pushed the country into – the crisis of sovereign debts. He liked the term and used it, after speaking about the “salary envelope,” for the sake of an elevated speech!

If it’s “sovereign,” then it must come from God Himself, so there’s nothing we can do about it. Like ancient prince Mircea the Elder said, in a poem: “We’ll gladly endure everything!”

The Basescu-Boc tandem, which works based on the reciprocating rod principle, thinks it will fool the population by making stupid jokes – one – and giving stupid advice – the other – like two slickers who leave the tavern without paying.

They want to fill the gap with money from civil servants and pensioners. Those who are sitting at the rich men’s table should not be disturbed and must pay nothing, because solidarity is only for paupers and puppies.

Of course, with swears and grinding teeth. Romania will escape neither the crisis, nor the tramps that got to power by fraud. This regime that laments and signs the air of responsibility lost its credibility. It is completely depleted; it ran out of resources and there is nothing it can say or do anymore. The country’s situation imposes a new political solution, before anything else. This is why the general strike is a strong means of forcing the Basescu regime to leave the stage.

This wouldn’t mean political crisis, it’s just the only possibility to hope for something better, find credible and sane people capable to lead the country. If we observe the accord with the IMF, we should cut 2 per cent points out of the budget deficit – some EUR 3 bln. We get EUR 850 M from the Fund and borrow the remainder from the financial market. Cutting salaries by a quarter and pensions by a seventh brings more than the EUR 3 bln required by the IMF. Then why should we sacrifice the employees of profit-making state companies, who pay their taxes? The same treatment is reserved to the National Bank – the only institution that was not soiled by the mud of political regimes – and to the companies that caused huge losses. Who will escape this guillotine? The whole clientele system of ministries and countless agencies stays in place; the same, the crowd of petty activists who stuck posters and stole votes, who are now stealing money from local budgets. This orange plague that choked the country and emptied the coffers will escape.

And, if we accept them to stay in power, they will continue to rob the country, shouting “Solidarity!” as loud as they can.

That’s enough! The show can’t go on anymore!

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