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January 21, 2022

Berceanu admits government officials have lied

Transports Minister Radu Berceanu, while on Realitatea TV on Sunday night, acknowledged that politicians concealed the truth about the serious economic situation the country found itself in. According to Berceanu, no party would have disclosed ‘we are heading for a precipice, but opted to use ‘lies of omission’ instead.

‘It isn’t that we necessarily lied to you, yet politicians wouldn’t have revealed all aspects of the situation, as it evolved. Each successive political formula quite likely imagined or hoped things would straighten out, that it,, that political formula namely, will succeed in straightening things out, tone them down. I don’t thing what happened in Romania has not happened elsewhere,’ Radu Berceanu said. ‘Basically, the lie you refer to was a lie of omission. This means there has not been a party so , and I also believe there are no such parties elsewhere either, which, during the electoral campaign, or at any time, would come out and say, just for the sake of showing they are , that the situation is extraordinarily bad and we are heading for a precipice,’ Berceanu also said, according to whom Romania would have entered a crisis anyway, had the financial turmoil not have rocked the entire world.

“We might have experienced these things later, at a different scale possibly, gradually, over a longer period of time. Yet, it was bound to happen here, even if not elsewhere, and even had not the crisis happened,’ Berceanu concluded, who admitted that had elections been the case in the upcoming period, the population would still have been hidden the truth about the economic situation.

‘And that would have been the case for six, eight months or an year. Had somebody wanted to ‘keep the situation under cover’ would have likely succeeded doing it. Yet, with some effort and jeopardizing recovery – the later the recovery, the more difficult. (…) Had elections been held now, the situation might have lasted until after elections. But, that does not mean it was not there and that, had it burst out, had not done so even stronger,’ the Democrat-Liberal minister explained.

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