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October 23, 2021

The street in front of the new US Embassy building, named “Liviu Librescu”

The street in front of the new building of the US Embassy to Bucharest bears, as of Monday, the name Dr. Liviu Librescu – the professor who died, in April 2007, defending his students during the shooting at the Polytechnic Institute at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia (USA).

“Today, I have the distinct privilege of naming the main thoroughfare in front of the new US Embassy ‘Boulevard Doctor Liviu Librescu’. When we move to this new building, which is nearing completion by the day, the embassy’s address will bear his name. Every day, my colleagues in the embassy will walk this street on their way to work. Romanian citizens who come to visit the embassy will see the plate with the street name” the US ambassador to Bucharest, Mark Gitenstein, said, during the street naming ceremony.

The American diplomat, accompanied by Marilena Librescu, the widow of the heroic professor, unveiled the symbolic name plate.

“The heroic acts of this son of Romania and America have been honoured by many,” the head of the US diplomatic mission to Bucharest also said in his speech.

The professor Liviu Librescu sacrificed his life, in April 2007, to save his students during the massacre at the Polytechnic Institute at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

On April 18, 2007, George W. Bush, the president in office of the United States, paid homage to Librescu during a funeral service which took place at the United States’ Holocaust Memorial Museum.

On the same date, the Romanian president, Traian Basescu decorated Librescu post-mortem with the “Great Cross Star of Romania” National Order, the highest civil distinction, in recognition of the heroic act of the professor, who laid down his life to save his students on the Virginia Tech campus.

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