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October 22, 2021

One killed and one badly injured in Bacau plant blast

A man was killed and a second one suffered severe injuries in an explosion followed by fire at thermoelectric plant CET Bacau yesterday morning.

The victims were workers of a company collecting, carrying and destroying hazardous waste – SC Quartek Grup SRL. When the explosion occurred, the two employees, aged 20 and 38, respectively, were servicing the tanks. Two ambulances, a fire brigade and forensic policemen, prosecutors, labour inspectors and the deputy prefect of Bacau County, Constantin Scripat went to the scene. Firefighters intervened to prevent the fire extending to the three tanks on the premises of CET Bacau and thus trigger another blast.

Preliminary information suggests the two victims were working on a waste oil tank that exploded for unknown reasons and then caught fire. “The tank was in an upright position. The explosion propelled it over ten metres into the air, after which it caught fire,” a worker who happened to be in the area and eye-witnessed the accident, Viorel Dedeu, said.

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