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May 17, 2022

Opening on screens

Sex and the City 2 (USA 2010)

Directed by: Michael Patrick King

With: Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon

Shown at: The Light, CinemaPro, Hollywood Multiplex, Movieplex, Cinema City Cotroceni

Twelve years after its launch helped herald a landmark in pop-culture portrayal of strong capitalist women, the “Sex and the City” franchise has officially landed in the toilet. Don’t even bother to think of it as a film, but rather a bore. It arrives there courtesy of “Sex and the City 2,” this dying sequel to the 2008 movie which robs the original material of every fun and interest while stretching up like gum and playing on the same note the same all to boring already tune. The story of ferociously independent women who are proudly materialistic, sex obsessed and always filled with insights into single life in millennial New York City transforms into a strident, cringe-worthy collection of ostentatious commercialism and cheap sub-vaudevillian puns. This sequel also takes New York out of the books, as most of the action takes place in Abu Dhabi and in Connecticut (home of the gay nuptials that serve as the opening set piece, probably the only slight sign of intelligence in this mambo-jambo). So, “Sex and the City” without New York is, nothing else but “Sex;” but this would be an over-statement, as there isn’t even much of that either.

Filled with stupid lines as “I’m having a midwife crisis,” dilemmas so forced and unconvincing and an unsettling celebration of trashy materialism with racist overtones, “Sex and the City 2” would be a difficult movie to endure in any circumstances, no matter how long a vacation your brain has been in. But, which is more, this is also a very long film, at 150 minutes running, it is sheer torture, an obscenity, hopefully the last despaired cry of a franchise that should be ended as soon as possible.

In the end, the main lesson the characters take away from their experience is that fashion is universal. And the lesson the audience takes is that one Sex in the City movie was more than enough.

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