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September 24, 2021

Industrial turnover drops by 4 pc in April against March 2010

The industrial turnover on the local and foreign market dropped by 4 pc, in nominal terms, in April against March this year, but soared by 13.2 pc against April 2009. During January-April 2010, the indicator rose by 7.8 pc year-on-year, Mediafax reports. April’s evolution was driven by declines in the extractive (-9.9 pc) and processing (-3.7 pc) industries, reads a press release issued by the National Statistics Institute (INS). Based on main industry branches, turnover has decreased in the sectors producing consumer goods (-8.5 pc), capital goods (-6.1 pc), durables (-5.3) and intermediary goods (-0.3 pc). The energy industry scored a 0.7 pc increase. Against April 2009, the industrial turnover gained 13.2 pc fueled by a 14.1 pc increase of the processing industry, while the extractive industry dwindled by 5.3 pc. Based on main branches, industrial turnover was on the rise in the energy sector (+34.8 pc), capital goods (+21.2 pc), intermediary goods (+16.6 pc) and durables (+8.3 pc), while the consumer goods industry went down by 3.9 pc. In the first four months of the year, turnover in the industry soared by 7.8 pc, driven by the processing sector (+8.8 pc), while the extractive branches decreased by 7.6 pc.

According to a survey by the INS, new orders in the industry – both local and foreign markets included – lost 7 pc in April in nominal terms against the previous month, but gained 26.4 pc year-on-year. During January-April, new orders went up by 21 pc. April’s evolution was driven by the decline of the branches manufacturing consumer goods (-16 pc) and capital goods (-12.6 pc), while the sectors of intermediary goods and durables scored increases by 3.6 pc and 1.6 pc respectively, the INS announced. Against April 2009, new orders in the industry went up 26.4 pc, due to increases reported by intermediary goods (+45.6 pc), durables (+27.7 pc) and capital goods (+21.8 pc). Consumer goods industry dropped by 3.6 pc.

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