Liberals declare ‘all-out war’ against PDL

Opposition parties are meanwhile flexing their muscles to get support for their no-confidence motions, doubling the move with a fierce rhetoric and criticism of the government and the ruling Democrat Liberals.

National Liberal Party leader Crin Antonescu said on Saturday in Slatina that his party is in “all-out war” against the PDL and that the war would not cease until Democrat Liberals disappear from the political stage entirely, according to daily ‘Romania libera’ online.

Antonescu also said Liberals would be willing to “assume governance” if President Basescu accepted this, in case Boc’s cabinet is ousted. Liberals would never accept joining a government with the PDL and the only way in which they would agree to set up the next government is if they are allowed to name a Liberal prime minister and enforce their own social and economic measures. “If we are allowed to put our programme into practice, I will accept to be prime minister,” the Liberal leader said, quoted by Agepres.

In the context, Antonescu said PDL is increasingly showing signs of weakness and that it is becoming obvious that none of the promises made by the party and Basescu will become reality. He explained that his party rejects the austerity plan because the current government “prefers to cut from the people and keep benefits for its clientele.”

Antonescu also voiced confidence that the no-confidence vote against the government has good chances to pass, relying on strong discontent in the PDL group and among the independents. “I think there are chances to see the motion pass, but let’s not underestimate the means of the president and the government to reorganise and support a majority,” he added. Antonescu also said yesterday in Galati that Liberal lawmakers who would not attend Parliament’s vote on the no-confidence motions would be expelled from the party, Agerpres reported.

Ponta: Next president must be social democrat

Social Democrat Party leader Victor Ponta told a press conference in Targu Mures on Friday that in his opinion, the future president of Romania must be a Social Democrat. He explained that this fall, the party will focus its entire energy on establishing candidates and programmes for future elections. Ponta said he wants to do everything possible to have the PSD win the elections in 2012 and set up a government and underlined that the next president must also be a member of his party. “Not necessarily myself, but it must be a Social Democrat because we will be at the end of ten years of right wing policies, which weaken the country and people so much that a left-wing president will be needed,” he said. He added that his party would never make the same mistake again and join the PDL in the government.

Ponta then moved to attack President Basescu, accusing him of cowardice and “hiding in Cotroceni Palace, fearing a bunch of pensioners.” The Social Democrat also said that plans for the PDL not to vote when the government assumes responsibility in Parliament would be “an unprecedented cowardly act.” As for the possibility that the government is ousted and Basescu chooses to name Boc for yet another term, the Social Democrat leader said this would be “very embarrassing.”

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