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June 24, 2021

Iliescu donated received objects to Parliament Museum

Former president Ion Iliescu donated, yesterday, to the Museum of Parliament, several personal objects received from high dignitaries throughout the world. The honorary president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) explained that he had been asked to make a donation by the Museum of Parliament custodians. “(…) I donated to the museum the senator IDs from my two terms, 1996-2000 and 2004-2008, two city keys – Los Angeles, received in 1995, and Budapest, a dagger from the Palestinian Law Council, a urn which contains sand from Sahara desert – form the Algerian president, whom I visited in 2002, a decorative sword from Yugoslavia, an ebony artefact from Kenya,” Iliescu said. The former president stated that the objects donated also included a painting he received from Alexandra Nechita [the Young Picasso], dating from the first time he met her, when she was 12, as well as a model representing the city of Jerusalem. “There’s also a series of photographs representing the founding meeting of National Union Provisional Council (CPUN), the three candidates in the first presidential elections, at the Television, the first Government set up after the elections, the signing of the act dissolving the Warsaw Treaty in Prague – in November 1991, the signing of the Basic Agreement between Romania and France, and photographs with heads of state – George Bush, Francois Mitterand, Bill Clinton, the Queen of England, Elisabeth II, Vladimir Putin, Pope John Paul II,” the former president added. He also offered the Museum of Parliament the books he has written so far, including the one he is launching today, “20 Years After”.

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