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February 9, 2023

Poll: Romanians better Samaritans than French or Russians

A global poll conducted by Reader’s Digest in 17 countries and quoted by Agerpes shows that Romanians are better Samaritans than the French, the Russians or the Chinese. The poll sought to establish how people would react when finding a wallet filled with money.

The results show that 69 per cent of Romanian respondents would return both the wallet and the money, the same percentage being reported in Brazil and Spain. The same answer was given by 65 per cent of the French, 58 per cent of the Chinese, 57 per cent of the Indian and 49 per cent of the Russian respondents.

The Australians seem to be the fairest, 91 per cent of them stating that they would return the wallet and the money, followed by Americans (90 per cent), Canadians (89 per cent), Britons (89 per cent), Filipinos (86 per cent), Dutch (79 per cent), Germans (76 per cent), Italians (75 per cent) and Mexicans (73 per cent).

On the other hand, only 5 per cent of the Romanians, 27 per cent of the Indians, 24 per cent of the Chinese and 11 per cent of the Mexicans stated that they would leave the wallet where they found it.

Seventeen per cent of Russians, 16 per cent of the Romanians, 16 per cent of the French and 15 per cent of the Chinese stated that they would keep the money and throw away the wallet. A total of 14 per cent of Spanish respondents chose the option to keep the money and return the wallet, an option chosen by 11 per cent of the French respondents and 10 per cent of Romanian, Italian and Russian respondents.

The poll had a minimum of 150 respondents in each country. In Romania the poll was conducted on the erd.ro website. Reader’s Digest magazine conducts a global poll each month.

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