PCM leader proposes setting up 13 “natural historic regions” to fight recession

PCM leader Szasz Jeno on Wednesday sent UDMR President Marko Bela an open letter in which he proposes three measures against the economic crisis, one being the creation of 13 “natural historic regions,” in an attempt to curb public spending.

The president of the Hungarian Civic Party (PCM), Szasz Jeno declared for Mediafax that, through the open letter he sent UDMR leader Marko Bela on Wednesday, he intended to make him aware of “UDMR’s responsibility for the economic crisis in Romania.” “I am stressing the fact that, out of the last 20 years, UDMR has participated to the governance for 14 years – from 1996 until today, to be more precise – so it has a huge responsibility for the crisis that hit the country, and they are the only to be held accountable with regard to the Hungarian community,” Szasz Jeno explained. In the letter, he makes three proposals for moving the country out of crisis. First, the communities where ethnic Hungarians form the majority population should control and regroup their own budget resources, which would allow covering the losses of “those hit by the salary and pension discrimination.” Secondly, the sum received by UDMR “on behalf of the Hungarian community,” “more than EUR 5 M for 2010,” should not be spent, during the next year and a half, for “UDMR’s own political apparatus,” and instead should be used for setting up a social fund destined at supporting “the people who are on the brink of despair.” The third proposal made by PCM refers to setting up 13 historic regions in Romania, which would diminish the administrative budget spending to one third of its present value.

“As solution to the economic crisis and in view of curbing budget expenses, we propose an authentic administrative decentralisation of this country, which would help us get rid of Ceausescu’s heritage. We propose setting up 13 natural historic regions: Maramures, Crisana, Banat, Oltenia, Bucharest, Muntenia split in two, Dobrogea, Northern Moldavia, Southern Moldavia, the Szeklers’ Land, Northern Ardeal and Southern Ardeal. This would mean that we bring the administrative budget spending down to a third,” Szasz Jeno said.

ccording to the PCM leader, in these conditions, the country would only need “five ministries, instead of 20” – Interior, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Infrastructure and Development, and Economy-Finance.

“These ministries should be in charge with development strategies, and less with managing day-to-day problems,” Szasz Jeno explained. The time has come to change the former communist heritage, to the benefit of the 23 million Romanian citizens, he added.

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