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June 25, 2022


Carmen Bogdan – the golden judoka

This weekend, Carmen Bogdan (48kg category) won gold in the World Cup leg of Tallinn, Estonia, by a win against Russian judoka Nataliya Kondrateva. World champion Alina Dumitru, who won the gold in Bucharest in the final match against Bogdan, did not participate in this edition of the Tallinn judo contest – an event that counts for the World Cup.

Chivu, ignored by Benitez

With Jose Mourinho set to leave for Real Madrid, hard times loom ahead for Cristi Chivu (29), the Romanian football star playing for world champ club Inter Milan. While he coached the team, the Portuguese always sent Chivu in the field, except for the months when health problems stopped the left-fullback from playing. But Inter now hired a new coach in the person of Spaniard Rafael Benitez, whose first request to club owner Massimo Moratti was to get in talks with Fiorentina for purchasing Peruvian player Juan Manuel Vargas – one of the world’s best left-backs. Vargas covers precisely the place held by Chivu in the field.

Rugby: Romania 17 – Namibia 21

Romania’s rugby team lost at a score of 17-21 against Namibia, in the opening match of the IRB 2010 Nations Cup. This year’s Cup edition is played on the ‘Arcul de Triumf’ arena of Bucharest, by Romania, Namibia, Georgia, Italy A, Scotland A and Argentina Jaguars. The Nations Cup is a second-rank world competition that allows teams belonging to the second and third categories – like Georgia, Romania and Russia – as well as teams from countries with tradition in rugby – like Argentina, Italy or Scotland – to play some more international matches.

Universitatea Cluj accedes to First League

Football team Universitatea Cluj acceded to the First League after winning away against Minerul Lupeni, 3-1. After playing two years in the Second League, the Cluj-based team returns on the first stage of Romanian football, by finishing second this edition of the championship, in the 2nd Series, after FCM Targu Mures. The other teams that made it to the First League are FCM Targu Mures (2nd Series), and Victoria Branesti and Sportul Studentesc (1st Series). Thus, in the next edition of the Romanian football championship, the city of Cluj will be represented by two teams: acting champion CFR and Universitatea.

Marius Sumudica and Dinu Gheorghe get formal introduction with Rapid

Marius Sumudica was formally introduced as the main coach of Rapid, in a press conference held on Saturday. After having good results with Gloria Bistrita, in the spring of the 2009-2010 championship, Sumudica signed a two-season contract with Rapid, which may be extended for one more year. In the same press conference, club owner George Copos also introduced the new CEO of the Bucharest-based club, “prodigal son” Dinu Gheorghe.

Milan Junior Camp returns to Bucharest

During June 14-18, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank brings to Bucharest – for the second time in a row – the world’s most famous football club, AC Milan, and the Milan Junior Camp (MJC) project. MJC is a free sports training programme dedicated to children aged from 7 to 14, held by the trainers of the AC Milan junior centre. This year too, the event will be hosted by the stadium of FC Sportul Studentesc.

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Tree killed in car accident in Brasov

Three people were killed and a fourth one sustained bad injuries in a car accident on DN13, in the locality of Maierus, Brasov County on Saturday. Brasov Traffic Police chief Claudiu Tamarjan reports the accident occurred when a Renault Clio passenger vehicle collided with an oncoming minibus carrying commuters from Rupea to Brasov. Three of the Renault occupants died and a fourth one was flown by helicopter to the Targu Mures County Hospital. Eight minibus passengers suffered minor injuries. Traffic was suspended both ways and diverted onto DN1.

Three cars and lorry collide in Sibiu County

One was injured in a crash involving three passenger vehicles and a lorry on DN14 near the Sura Mare locality in Sibiu County, Friday night. Traffic was completely blocked for nearly an hour. Sibiu County Police say the collision happened because of reckless overtaking.

Two car crashes in Valcea

Motor traffic on DN 7 Ramnicu Valcea-Sibiu was subject to restrictions in the area of the Valcea County localities of Racovita and Calimanesti after two accidents involving a passenger vehicle and two lorries. Valcea County Police officials say the two accidents involved one passenger vehicle and two lorries that collided. Two people were caught up in side the body of the wrecked vehicle in the first accident.

Four-year-old dies after drinking wine

Left unattended, a four-year-old girl in foster care with her aunt in the Vaslui locality of Coroiesti died after drinking a mug of wine she found sitting on a table. Preliminary investigations conducted by the Vaslui Police revealed that, while visiting some relatives in the Bogdana locality accompanied by her grandfather, the little girl fund a mug of wine on a table and drank the content. The grandfather did not realise immediately what had happened. However, on the way back home, he saw that the girl was not well so he called for an ambulance as soon as they got home. The paramedics found the girl in cardiac-respiratory shock and could not resuscitate her. .

Tractor crushes child, 12

A child aged 12 died, crushed by a tractor, on Saturday, in Mandra village, Sibiu County. According to witnesses, responsibility for accident falls upon the tractor driver, who took the child for a ride. The child was sitting on the vehicle`s fender when the tractor capsized and fell into the Visa River. The accident occurred inside the perimeter of a private fishery. An ambulance was sent to the scene from the town of Ocna Sibiului, but the medics could do nothing for the child. The case is being probed by police and the Prosecutor`s Office of the Sibiu Tribunal.

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New manager at company tasked
to build nuclear reactors 3 and 4

Economy Minister Adriean Videanu removed Dan Ionescu from the position of general manager of EnergoNuclear, the mixed-capital company which is to build nuclear reactors 3 and 4 at the Cernavoda plant, and replaced him with Paul Dragos Popescu, according to data from the Ministry of Economy. Moreover, the heads of the National Coal Society (SNC) Ploiesti and of its subsidiary, Carbonifera Ploiesti, were replaced. EnergoNuclear is 51 per cent owned by the state, by means of Nuclearelectrica. The other shareholders are RWE (Germany), Enel (Italy), GDF Suez (France) and CEZ (the Czech Republic), each owning 9.15 per cent of shares, whereas ArcelorMittal and Iberdrola own 6.2 per cent of shares each.

Romania laid-off more people than all Eastern European countries together

The number of employees in Romanian economy dropped by 13.9 per cent during the past year, a situation much more serious than in all other Eastern European countries, according to an analysis conducted by Realitatea.net. In Hungary, the drop was of 1.8 per cent, in the Czech Republic, of 2.3 per cent, and in Poland of 0.9 per cent. Even in Greece, severely affected by the crisis, only 1.5 per cent of employees were made redundant. Of all the countries in the region, only Bulgaria is somewhat closer to our figures, having lost 9.2 per cent of employees during the past year. The Romanian jobs’ haemorrhage is only partially reflected by the unemployment rate, which remained one of the lowest in Eastern Europe. Whereas unemployment in Romania ebbed at 7.6 per cent in May (from 8.07 pc in April), in Hungary it amounted to 10.4 per cent, in Poland to 9.9 per cent, and in Bulgaria to 8.8 per cent, according to data supplied by Eurostat in April.

Letea Bacau halts production

Businessman Dumitru Sechelariu, former mayor of Bacau and owner of Letea paper factory, halted production, newspaper ‘Azi’ informs. The 270 employees of the factory will be on the lay. The entrepreneur claims he is currently negotiating with various parties, in Romania and abroad, a possible sale of the factory. Newspaper publishers, the factory’s main clients, preferred to import paper, in the past two years, Sechelariu claims. The failure to observe terms of delivery and the paper of dubious quality gradually chased all important clients away. Letea ends its activity on a niche without local competition, at immense costs, where one needs a considerable budget for investments and the enduring patience to recover them.

Over 60 pc of Romanians think the crisis will last 5 more years

Over 60 per cent of Romanians in urban areas think Romania will not emerge out of the crisis for one up to five more years, most of them estimating the current situation will last three up to five more years, according to a poll conducted by the ‘360insights’ research company for Mediafax. Romanians’ perception of the crisis is significantly bleaker compared to the preceding year, as the ratio of respondents who expect the crisis to let out in maximum one year dropped from 30 per cent between May and June 2009 to only 9 per cent between April and May 2010. The same study indicates that almost three of ten Romanians in the urban environment will give up going on holiday this year, while an additional 16 per cent will reduce their holiday budget.

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Boc: Ponta is
“the baron of
luxury pensions”

“The Social Democrat Party (PSD)’s intention to appeal at the Constitutional Court against the law stipulating the elimination of luxury pensions and the recalculation of special pensions, for which the Government took responsibility, indicates that the PSD leader, Victor Ponta, reconfirms his status as ‘baron of luxury pensions’,” Prime Minister Emil Boc claimed, on Friday. “By attacking this law at the Constitutional Court of Romania, Victor Ponta wishes to block the enforcing of this law and, consequently, to maintain luxury pensions, including those of MPs,” Boc further added, in a statement released by the government. In response, Ponta stated that, if defending military officers, magistrates or diplomats who put in a life of honest work amounts to being “a baron of shameless or luxury pensions”, then he was proud to be one. PSD proposed that, in case there isn’t enough money in the social security budget, there should be a differentiated tax system, during the crisis, on large pensions. “As long as there is a crisis, by applying a differentiated tax system, less money will be allotted to those pensions, while respecting those people’s dignity and our word as a society,” Ponta stated. The PSD leader announced, on Thursday, that the Social-Democrats would attack, on Monday, at the Constitutional Court, the law for the recalculation of pensions, for which the executive took responsibility in Parliament.

Adrian Nastase will not run for President

In a interview with ‘Adevarul’ daily, the former prime-minister Adrian Nastase says he will never again run for Presidency. “I think a new generation is needed. I would have wished to pursue some earlier projects as president, but it was not meant to be. Others are coming in our wake. I think we should cultivate, within the party, the future ministers, the future statesmen,” he claims. “I don’t need a certain badge or a certain office to speak my mind. My voice is loud enough and is backed up by experience, as well as by certain achievements,” Nastase added. He refrained from making any guesses as to the candidates in the 2014 presidential elections as “there are so many things the future may hold in store for us while Traian Basescu is the president”. “I hope we will remain a democratic state and I hope the Constitution will not be modified so as to allow for three terms in office. We may end up having a Parliament with no Chamber,” Adrian Nastase stated in the interview.

Vladescu: “There isn’t any money for F-16 planes”

Minister of Public Finance Sebastian Vladescu stated last week that there isn’t any money to purchase the F-16 planes and that he is at a loss to say how Romania could allot one per cent of GDP to military purchases. The Country’s Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) approved in March the Defence Ministry (MApN)’s proposal to purchase 24 used F-16 planes, and the document is to be sent into Parliament for debate and for a decision to be made. The purchase of F-16 planes, approved by CSAT, will cost approximately USD 1.3 bln, and the first batch of machines, whose flight life is estimated at another 10 to 15 years, is to arrive in Romania in 2013.

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