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May 20, 2022

Ministers don’t agree on new IMF deal

PDL first vice-president Adriean Videanu said on Monday that “a new accord with the IMF is welcome,” but avoided to say clearly if a new loan is needed, as claimed by another Democrat-Liberal leader, Vasile Blaga. The press asked Videanu whether he knew about Romania’s difficult situation ever since January 2009, the same as Vasile Blaga did.

“This is disputable, it depends on how well informed everyone is. In each country, the situation evolves, as you can see, and the global forecast changed within just months,” Videanu answered.

On the other hand, Transport Minister Radu Berceanu said on Monday that he does not believe a new accord with the IMF is needed, because we should first wait and see how the current accord will be implemented, and only will the matter be taken in consideration. “I don’t believe, I think we must first see what happens to this accord, in the coming interval, how we are able to implement it, and only then should we have this discussion. I don’t know whether it was really taken into consideration, or it is just an idea, but we’ll see,” Berceanu answered.

Interior Minister Vasile Blaga said on TV, last Sunday, that he personally thinks Romania needs a new accord with the IMF, which also implies a new loan, adding that the Cabinet has not analysed the matter yet.

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