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January 18, 2022

Armed robbery in Timisoara bank

Two armed persons have robbed yesterday the BCR branch in central Timisoara yesterday morning, Mediafax informs. Sources say the two have ran away with RON 3.700. The thieves have allegedly immobilized the bank security guard and threatened the cashier with a gun. One of the two was wearing a wig and the other a biker helmet. They also succeeded in getting through to the special room where jewellery and money are kept but allegedly declared themselves content to run with only the sum of money. The time of the incident, inside the bank there was only one client present.

“From statements of the cashier results one of the robbers pointed a gun at her and asked her to open up the safe.

The man put the money in a bag and ran outside where the two climbed a scooter. Meanwhile, the cashier succeeded in pushing the panic button,” the spokesperson of Timis Police Marinela Apostolache said.

“Several people will be heard in the case, at the time of the robbery there were four inside the bank- two cashiers, a guard and a client, also we will be hearing the employees of a drugstore in the neighbourhood and a person who sells bingo tickets on the sidewalk,” Apostolache also said.

Also, from the guard’s statement results the two thieves were of darker complexion and of medium height. The police forces have placed several filters on boulevard from the southern part of the city and at city exits.

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