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May 17, 2022

New Constitutional Court judges sworn in

Iulia Motoc and Mircea Stefan Minea, who were elected Constitutional Court judges by the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, after long debates and controversy, were sworn in on Tuesday evening, at Cotroceni Palace, in the presence of President Traian Basescu.

In his speech, Basescu told the two that they, together with Petre Lazaroiu, who was appointed CCR judge by the president’s office, are a new body of judges with no political affiliation and who “do not have a history in the parties they come from.” He wished the two judges good luck on their nine-year terms at the Constitutional Court and told them that their terms would be “of crucial importance.” “I am confident that together with the other Constitutional Court judges, you will make it so to place the country’s Constitution above all draft laws and Parliament’s will,” he told them.

The two judges were backed by the ruling coalition for the positions. On Monday night, after a lengthy session in the Chamber of Deputies, ruling coalition MPs managed to secure the necessary number of votes, 168, to impose Minea on the position. The opposition Social Democrats and Liberals, who were backing Valer Dorneanu for the job, abstained from the vote. Also on Monday, the Senate cast a vote for its own representative to the court. PDL’s candidate Motoc won 71 votes while Liberal Teodor Melescanu got 65 votes.

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