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March 29, 2023

Ciocan: I’m going to quit my position as Bucharest Police spokesman

The spokesman for the Bucharest Police, Christian Ciocan, has resolved to quit his leadership post with the institution’s public relations service, as he seeks to return to his actual career in the operative structures of the Ministry of Administrations and Interior. He is resolute to trade Bucharest for a county chief inspector’s position, Realitatea TV reports. The reason for his quitting the post is his feeling he marks time. “I’ve taken a decision to leave the public relations system, yet not right now. I have yet to know where and when I will do it, yet, I’ve reached the decision,’ Chief Commissary Christian Ciocan said.

He insisted he will quit soon. ‘This year, if the opportunity arises, “ Ciocan said, outlining he is not eyeing any of the posts held by his colleagues but waiting for a contest to be held. “There are some reasons, indeed. I believe I have done my best as far as I’m concerned. I have been accepted in the European Association of Communications Directors. Any person seeks to evolve. I believe I would mark time public relations system wise and it is not up to me. I’ve done my best As of now, Bucharest Police cannot offer you anything more to develop yourself. It doesn’t help if I personally and my personal knowledge are recognized in Europe if the organization can’t do more for you,” Christian Ciocan also said.

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