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May 8, 2021

EBA: Five EP speeches in two days

Euro Deputy Elena Basescu addressed the European Parliament no fewer than five times Monday and Tuesday, the first two days of the legislative body’s plenum session. On Monday, she was speaking for one minute, according to the procedure on “Markets for derivative financial instruments” and the adoption by Estonia of the euro currency. Her speeches Tuesday dealt with implementation of the Schengen acquis in Romania and Bulgaria, rating agencies and on the “Public real estate offer and harmonizing transparency obligations.” The Democrat-Liberal EMP told the Strasbourg plenum that the Ministry of Administration and Interior made some major headway, so that Romania can join the Schengen area next year. However, Elena Basescu could not deliver the last line of her speech, as her microphone was cut off. “The passage by Romania of the law regulating the processing of personal data is a major step towards all the conditions being met for accession to the Schengen area. The Ministry of Administration and Interior has made major headway lately, so that Romania is within schedule over joining the Schengen area in March 2011, as agreed. Romania has been given as an example especially with respect to the SCOMAR maritime surveillance system, in a series of reports drafted by European experts. Also, new border police local services will be set up, cooperation with Frontex will improve and investments into securing ground borders will carry on. Finally, I wish to outline that border security….,” were EBA’s last words before her speech time expired.

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