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September 20, 2020

Aerosmith – still the giants of rock

Aerosmith’s show on Friday night, in Bucharest, was expected to be spectacular. However, in two hours of music, dancing and excitement, the five musicians showed us how a band which has been writing rock history for dozens of year may surpass all expectations. After dozens of years of waiting for them, Romanian fans got, at Aerosmith’s concert, exactly what they were hoping for: a complex show, with the familiar sound, guitar, bass and drums solos, and Steven Tyler as energetic as ever, with his by now-famous harmonica. Aerosmith’s Bucharest show, attended by over 30,000 fans, kicked off with a Bob Dylan song, bursting from the loud speakers – “Everybody Must Get Stoned”. All along the stage stood a huge banner, bearing the band’s name, in red and white, against a black background. The band kicked off the show with “Love In An Elevator”, launched in 1989 and featured on the hit record “Pump”. The hit was not only a fit introduction, in the Aerosmith trademark spirit, but also a good opportunity for guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford to present their credentials, in a guitar solo. Performing songs like “Crazy”, “Cryin’”, “Jaded”, “Falling in Love (is Hard on the Knees)”, “Pink”, “Living on the Edge”, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, “Sweet Emotion” and “Baby, Please Don’t Go”, the members of Aerosmith managed to impress the Bucharest public – heterogeneous and very active in the show, unlike many of the major concerts in the capital -, getting them to sing and dance along. Obviously, Steven Tyler’s energetic performance, “kicking” the mike “about”, contaminated everybody in the public, which almost never stopped clapping. The most “present” of the band’s instrumentalists, Joe Perry, remained true to his reputation. Although, verbally, a discrete presence, Perry showed us what he knows best – to play the guitar in all possible ways. With the bass and drums playing in the background and Steven Tyler wriggling on stage, Perry reaped load bursts of applause and cheers at even the briefest solo. And there have been quite a few. He wasn’t the only one to deliver a faultless performance, though, the same goes for the band as a whole, come to prove that world rock history is not easy to write, but also that the years of hard work may bear impressive fruit and reap ceaseless applause. After one hour and 45 minutes, the musicians went backstage, but returned after 5 minutes of cheers, applause and thumping, to sing three more songs, including “Walk This Way” and “Dream on”.

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