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January 27, 2022

Twilight fans – calling for their favourite stars’ presence in Romania

Diehard fans of the Twilight phenomenon now have a chance to see their dream come true, as, on July 1st, starting 17:00, on the Unirii Blvd. in Bucharest, they’re expected to come, in as large a number as possible, to the Twilight convention, to shoot the most vocal plea for the artists’ coming to Romania. The Twilight Convention will start from the Unirii Bldv., whence the fans will march up to the “Mihai Eminescu” Cultural Centre, properly attired for the occasion, like true fans, “armed” with placards and flags, bands and badges. Once arrived at their destination, that is, the “Mihai Eminescu” Amphitheatre in the National Park, they will shoot the most vocal plea meant to bring the Twilight actors to Romania. The evening is filled with surprises for the fans attending the event, who will not only have a chance to watch Twilight and New Moon free of charge, but will also have the opportunity to win hundreds of Eclipse original prizes, as well as invitations to the film. If you are a fan, all you have to do is enter the website and join the convention. For further details, access www.twilightsaga.ro. Also, as of June 18, fans can purchase early tickets from Hollywood Multiplex, Movieplex, CinemaPRO, The Light Cinema, Baneasca Drive-In. For the first shoppers, surprises galore, as they can win numerous promotional gifts and memorabilia, from Eclipse bracelets to film posters and lucky key pendants.

Starting July 2, the third film in the saga, The Twilight saga: Eclipse, will have its Romanian premiere.

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