BNR: A banking surcharge in Romania would be unfair

It would be unfair to engage in a sort of socialization of loss, to divide the losses between all the countries and all the banks, but it would be normal for the banks that received nothing from the state during crisis to pay nothing,” Adrian Vasilescu, adviser to National Bank of Romania (BNR) Governor Mugur Isarescu, has said recently, Antena 3 news channel reports. “If the conclusion is reached a bank surcharged needs to be paid in Romania, then, this should be done ‘quite carefully’,” he said. The notion of European banks going to be levelled a surcharge emerged as a result of assistance from the rich states to credit institutions burdened by so-called toxic assets, money improperly used in some cases.

During a press conference yesterday, Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely reiterated the notion of bank surcharge in Romania. Adrian Vasilescu however said: “The surcharge notion appeared when states began injecting money into the banking system in order to save it from crisis. Then, they asked for their money to be returned. I should like to say, in Romania, no bank received any money from the state.” Vasilescu maintains the European Commission too does not favour the bank surcharge. “Everybody knows it is not the banks, but the customers to pay that charge,’ Vasilescu also stated.

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