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January 18, 2022

Floods make two victims, warning extended

A brief storm caused flooding in the central area of Tulcea municipality. In Timisoara too, torrential rain deluged several streets. Other rain-hit areas include the counties of Cluj, Salaj, Alba, Arad, Dolj, Mehedinti and Craiova.

An 84-year-old woman in Apahida, Cluj County, died yesterday after drowning in her own back yard, where water levels had reached about half a metre following heavy rain on Monday evening. She was the second victim made by floods after on Monday, a young driver was caught, while driving his car, by the waters of the rain-swollen Cris River in the commune of Poieni, Realitatea TV reports. “They were trying to cross a road leading to the quarry, and were taken by the strong current of the Cris,” the head of Huedin Police, Augustin Rus, explained.

Meteorologists yesterday issued a watch for torrential rains, thunder storms, wind gusts and hail. Abundant rains have been announced during June 22, at noon, and June 23, 9:00 pm in the Danube Delta, with water levels expected to reach 25… 30 l/sqm, and 50l/sqm on spotty areas. The watch also refers to potential hail and wind gusts accompanying the rainfalls.

Hydrologists issued yesterday a flood warning on some rivers in the counties of Cluj, Salaj, Satu Mare and Bihor. The warning issued by the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA) is being in effect through this afternoon and refers to rivers in the hydrographic basin of Somesul Mic, upstream of the Apahida Station and on the tributaries Nadas, Borsa, Gadalin, Lonea, and the right-sided tributaries into the Somes River – Almas, Agrij, Cluj County, as well as in the counties of Salaj and Satu Mare, as well as the upper course and tributaries into Crisul Repede, in the counties of Cluj and Bihor.

Floods almost all over the nation

A brief storm caused flooding in the central area of Tulcea Municipality, where a few cars were driven away by water and a couple of stores, inundated. Hundreds of homesteads were submerged by water and traffic on several national roads was brought to a halt.

In Timisoara too, the heavy downpour flooded several streets, along with scores of basements, yards and garages.

Cluj County too was hit by hard rain, with four flights scheduled to land at the Cluj-Napoca airport Monday evening redirected to other airports due to inclement weather and a power supply technical malfunction which shut the airport down for three hours. Last week’s rains damaged 14 localities and over 1,700 hectares of tillable land across Cluj Country.

Suceava too was hit by floods rather unexpectedly, as no flood watch had been issued. Tens of motor vehicles got stuck in the water after an hour-long rain.

Rain fell out of the blue over Alba Iulia, where 45 minutes were enough for rainwater to submerge the city streets. Eight localities suffered the effects of abundant rain and hail, with the municipality of Zalau taking the brunt. A number of 65 localities in Salaj were left without power, after 125 substations were damaged by the strong storms Monday night into Tuesday morning. Torrential rain also fell over the cities of Drobeta Turnu Severin and Craiova, the sewage system gave in, with water deluging the streets in the central area of the latter city.

The wells and water pumps in the city of Vaslui and the greater Vaslui area were in high yesterday morning, after local residents were left without drinking water on account of damage to the local water distributor.

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