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May 16, 2022

Dacia runs neck-to-neck with BMW

The Romanian brand’s beautiful dream continues, with 836 points out of 1,000, according to a survey by JD Power.

Dacia shares with BMW the second place in a survey conducted by JD Power, which measures the satisfaction of new car owners in Germany. The Romanian brand was outscored only by Mercedes, in a top of 25 brands that has Ford, Chevrolet and Fiat ranking last. The survey was conducted during January-March 2010, jointly with the ‘Auto Test’ magazine, on 16,300 car owners who answered online questionnaires. The survey targeted those who bought a new car during the last two years, who were asked to say how satisfied they are with their purchase. According to the paper, the most satisfied customers are not necessarily those who own the most expensive automobiles, so this is a matter of personal opinion, as even those who own cheaper cars rated them high in the survey.

Out of several criteria, the factor that had the most substantial contribution to the end score was car attractiveness (32 pc), which refers to aspects like performance, design and comfort. Second came the criterion of quality and reliability (26 pc), third was about ownership costs (22 pc) that include fuel, insurance and maintenance, and the last refers to how satisfied owners were with maintenance services (20 pc of the final score).

First in terms of satisfaction was Mercedes, with 838 points (out of a total 1,000), followed by BMW and Dacia (836 each), and Mazda and Nissan (831). Fiat came last, with 757 points. The brands that accumulated under 800 points include Chevrolet, Ford, smart and Renault. JD Power also made another top of models, based on the criterion of satisfaction. Kia Picanto won the mini class, Nissan Note ranked first in the small class, followed by Dacia Logan, while Mazda 3 emerged as winner in the lower-middle class.

The upper-middle class had Toyota Prius as best scorer, Mercedes C Klasse won the category of compact limos, and BMW X5 ranked first in the SUV category. Dacia entered the JD Power survey in 2009, on position 13 out of 27.

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