More Romanians open up businesses in Italy

Over 28,000 Romanians were, in 2008, owners of firms in Italy, a number which is ten times higher than the 2003 figures. In fact, Romanians rank second in the chart of foreign entrepreneurs operating in Italy, according to the “Romanians in Italy – between rejection and acceptance” research report, quoted by Mediafax. The document suggests that most Romanians end up owning a business only after a couple of years of working as employees in a company, investing the savings they amassed, without resorting to loans, in general. Fields in which most Romanian citizens started their own business are: constructions (80.5 pc), trade (5.5 pc), manufacture (4.9 pc) and transports (2.1 pc). “If you look more closely at the main sectors in which Romanian citizens launched as entrepreneurs you find that, in most cases, what boosted freelance activities was massive sub-contracting from the great companies. Often, the entrepreneur position may act as a means of temporary disguising unemployment,” is further stated in the report.

The initiators of the research report estimate that over one million Romanians are living in Italy, most of whom come from counties in Moldavia. At the beginning of the year, 953,000 Romanians were registered as residents in Italy, and another 55,000 were waiting to be registered in city halls’ registry books.

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