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September 24, 2021

Romania collects lowest tax revenue in the EU

The tax revenue collected to Romania’s state budget is the lowest in the European Union, in relation to the GDP, accounting for 28 per cent of internal production in 2008, whereas the EU average is around 40 per cent, according to a Eurostat report. Revenue from taxes represents 39.3 per cent of GDP in the EU, respectively, 39.7 per cent of GDP in the euro zone. Although Romania does not have the lowest implicit taxation rates, the revenue it collects from taxes is the lowest in the EU, in relation to GDP. Denmark and Sweden collect the highest tax revenue, in revenue-to-GDP ratio, of 48.2 per cent, respectively, 47.1 per cent of internal production, with higher taxation rates. Revenue from taxes collected in Bulgaria accounts for 33.3 per cent of GDP, while the ratio amounts to 36.1 per cent in the Czech Republic, 40.4 per cent in Hungary and 34.3 per cent in Poland. Taxes collected by the Greek government in 2008 amounted to 32.6 per cent of GDP.

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