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September 18, 2021

Opposition leaders disagree over ‘emergency government’

Crin Antonescu on Wednesday night said he and PSD leader Victor Ponta had agreed to meet and lay down a programme for ‘a back-up government’, suggesting the liberals and the social-democrats should consider setting up a different majority in parliament able to overturn the government. Antonescu said these things only days after Victor Ponta was indicating he didn’t want his party to rule alongside PNL because, normally, the two parties should be political and ideological rivals. ‘What? You want us to turn this into marmalade yet again?’ Ponta asked the advocates of a PNL rapprochement in his party. Antonescu stated on Antena 3 TV that both PSD and PNL had come to the conclusion that they need to produce, together, an alternative to the incumbent governance and that each of them should stop making a priority out of ‘scoring’ electoral points until the following election and start focusing on taking down the present government. ‘I think there are solution and that we just have to look for them. As a matter of fact, I hope not to be over-optimistic when saying that, during a phone conversation with Victor Ponta, as well as in various statements made by the people of PSD, I have realised that they, too, think it is time we acted and we started looking at our options together,’ the liberal leader said. Victor Ponta, on the other hand, stated he was not abreast of Crin Antonescu’s statements, nor had the two of them addressed the issue. ‘We have not (had such talks – our note) yet, Maybe we will at some stage’, said the social-democrat. Asked what he made of Antonescu’s statements suggesting a PSD-PNL ‘back-up government’, Ponta answered the former probably had in mind ways to overturn the cabinet in order to form a different majority in parliament.

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